Stereo System

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Upstairs it's lively walls, floor and ceiling, plus a good bit of glass in there for good measure. The wall hanging on the right tames some of the reflections.

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Components on inset shelves; one of my Von Schweikert Unifield 3's in the foreground.

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NuForce Reference 9 Special Edition V2 mono amplifiers and Placette Audio Remote Volume Control. Analysis Plus speaker cables and interconnects.

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Squeezebox Internet radio tuner on top of old Sony Carousel player (for playing multiple CDs). The Sony's Toslink output feeds into the DDE (middle shelf) to be converted to coaxial digital for compatibility with the APL Denon's digital input. Squeezebox digital output also feeds through the DDE to the APL Denon's DAC. This takes advantage of the APL Denon's superior digital-to-analog conversion. R.E. Designs SB-1 four-source switchbox with Audio Alchemy Digital Decoding Engine (DDE) 1.1 to the right. PS Audio Ultimate Outlet to the right of the APL Denon (bottom shelf).

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APL HiFi modified Denon 3910 Universal player. This is Alex Peychev's latest (as of Sept 2009) "4.0" Denon 3910 design featuring 6 32-bit mono AKM DACs in parallel and transformer-coupled tube output stage with digital input for PCM source.

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The legendary McIntosh MR-71 tube tuner, the last in its line. It makes magic from FM waves. Manufactured sometime in the '60s.

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Hanging on rear wall to help tame room reflections.

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If you don't like the music maybe you'll enjoy the view.

Home Theater

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110" diagonal Vutec SilverStar fixed screen. Von Schweikert VR-4jr L & R speakers and Von Schweikert LCR-22 center. SVS subwoofer. PS3 hidden away in closet on left-hand side for Blu-Ray and to watch slideshows of digital photos in 1280x1024.

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Left to right: Monoprice HDMI switchbox & Felston lipsync digital delay box (on floor, left of equipment rack), Oppo Digital DV-983H upscaling DVD player, Chiro C-802 Preamp/Processor, Bel Canto eVo amplifiers for front and rear speakers, RE Designs SCPA-1 6-channel analog preamplifier, Sony XA-777ES multichannel SACD player, NuForce Reference 8 mono amp for center speaker (on floor, right of equipment rack).

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Sony VPL-VW100 "Ruby" SXRD projector with native 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution. Von Schweikert TS-210 surround speakers.

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The DVD collection, along with a few multichannel music titles that sound decidedly better in multichannel than in stereo.

Screen Shots

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Liv Ullmann in Ingmar Bergman's Shame

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Casino Royale

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Casino Royale

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Blade Runner

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The Searchers

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Secondary Home Theater

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This setup lives in my computer room. On the rare occasion I watch a TV program this is where I do it. That's a Toshiba 41" rear projection HD-capable TV. I can control the light in this room.

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The gear lives in the closet. The less visible, the better. An HD tuner sits at the top of the rack.

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Seating position and surround speakers. The room is pretty small.


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